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Jackpot machines

Available to rent

Noraut Poker Machines offer an excellent return on investment and once with you, they require little to no maintenance from you.

Find out why we are the No 1 supplier in Northern Ireland by calling:


Get a full house with our high quality poker machines

Poker machines offer you a great way to attract more customers. In fact, over the years, we've found that our machines are one of the key deciding factors when people are choosing where to spend their evenings.


We provide a wide range of poker machines in Northern Ireland, for pubs and clubs across the region.


• Width = 525mm

• Depth = 640mm

• Height = 1550mm


• TFT screens

• Top earners

• Front opening

• Hopper pay-outs

• Sterling/Euro pay-outs

028 8224 6161

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